Wind down...really?

So I think it is best to keep 'it' (Christmas) in proportion especially if you're not religious. For it is only another day.

I am feeling for those that can't escape it, who wish it was over, who are in pain because they are missing someone or because they don't have the traditional things to do.

For us it will be quiet and modest with an eating and drinking plan, a log fire and TV. We are aiming for peace and quiet with few phone calls and no urgent emails. We will not be particularly merry, just content will be fine.

BUT - before all that, we have a load of stuff to do...list of lists, training course to attend, a funeral to attend, shopping (as though they were never to open again!), laundry, car service etc etc! All this just to get a few days off??

Ah, but it will be worth it.

Thinking... to start the 25th with a Bucks-fizz and a bacon roll. Followed by Prosecco/white wine shandies with Cherry Liquors. Pinto Gregio with the prawn Cocktail etc etc you get the picture!!

Wishing that you have a quiet, peaceful break if you can and hope that the new year is good for us all!! CHEERS!

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