Grab your attention!!??

How can little old me grab your attention in the midst of all the stuff that comes into your view??? I will leave that one rhetorical...

I can, but try as this is the very first blog that I have done - and I am Huggy, the mascot of Huginnmuninn - Studio & Gallery of Art, Crafts and Photography. My boss is Diana, she set things up and is here most days. She is an artist who also likes to craft, (she is keen on and has only just discovered needle-felting). The latest eh, em, creation: it is meant to be a dog?I suppose it is sort of dog-shaped?

She has done some other projects - they are on You Tube. She has not got me on there...not yet anyway!

While I am here, I will tell you about the HIGHLIGHTS (HL) and the LOWLIGHTS (LL) of Huginnmuninn today.

HL - A lovely customer came in to pick up an original piece of art by Becky Eaton. The customer had her eye on it for a while - that's it gone now. Becky is bang on trend and worth investing in.

HL - A young 3 yr old is visiting the studio this afternoon to do some painting with her Grandad. We really can't wait!! It will be messy though!

LL - The milk for my tea is out of date. Oh well, we will cope.

Well that's all for now. Remember, Huginnmuninn, it starts with a HUG, give a HUG today!

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