Getting things sorted...

So Diana has had another great idea and hopes you will all be interested...

Miniature Masterpieces Exhibition at Huginnmuninn.

We are getting this sorted so that is going to go smoothly. It is amazing how much there is to do. So lots of people to talk to because it will be open to everybody including school children.

The website is growing everyday as we put more artwork or craft work onto the shop page - and people have been buying!! woop, woop!! Make sure you check it!

Despite the busy work Huginnmuninn Studio remains the most peaceful place - making it possible to get another commission finished, a tricky one with 50 shades of GREEN!. Customer is happy so it is off to be framed.

Highlights and Lowlights

HL - Got the commission finished and customer happy.

HL - Got more subscribers to web-site.

HL - people like the idea of an exhibition

LL - Only 84 days to Christmas