Back to normal...

Yes we all agree that it feels good to bring down the Christmas decorations, give the place a dust and a vacuuming. We enjoy getting back to normal because we don't like too much change and in this ever changing world it is almost novel to be able to return to normality.

So Christmas and New Year Highlights and Lowlights:

HL: I got to spend time with people that I care about and I like.

HL: I managed to minimise time with people who are not good for me - instead of just doing as I am told!

HL: We took in an intimate gig in Kirkwall listening to Eric Linklater - Fantastic! Clip on Facebook, I will try to put it on You Tube too.

HL: On New Year's day when a young man thought nobody was watching I saw him practicing Cartwheels and Summer-salts outside in the cold, wet wind of Kirkwall marina - Awesome!!

LL: We had no Wifi - probably did us good!!

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