A Phone Foot!! Really?

Yes, Diana is making a thing; sort of like a bean bag (but very small) for a mobile phone to stand on. So, we stand on our feet! So it is being called a Phone Foot.

We are all getting excited about the art work and crafting stock going onto the website SHOP - you will be able to buy from home. I advise you to register with Huginnmuninn - it won’t cost you anything and we have a privacy policy to assure you that your details are safe - we don’t share data with anybody.

Today’s Highlights (HL) and Lowlights (LL):

HL: we got our event list updated.

HL: we see more people have registered via the website.

HL: over a hundred people have viewed ‘Hot Works’ on our You Tube channel - whoop woop!

LL: very cold and windy, angry weather!!

Thats all folks, have a good weekend and remember, Huginnmuninn, it starts with a HUG!!