A glass half full...

Well mine is. Is yours? If my glass gets dry I try to fill it, even trying makes me feel good.

I have not not always been like that. I come from a family where the glass was pretty empty and I think we as a country can be quite empty.

So, how’s your glass?

Is what you have, good for you?

Lets make it all about YOU, YOU, YOU for a while anyway, see how it feels.

I found it it difficult to think about me because as long as my boss, my man, my family etc etc, as long as they were ok, then I was ok. It still takes effort to just keep ME, ME, ME in focus. I have to think and concentrate every day. This is me trying to keep my glass half full. Of course putting other people first is a joy, rewarding and lovely - but now I only do it for people who I love, respect and care about.


HL - I love my mornings, with my two dogs sleeping on my legs while I do social media and process emails.

HL - I love Alan, even though he is annoying!! He is still in training apparently!!

HL - I love Alan’s girls, they are ace, fab, groovey (sorry slipped into a sixties thing there!)

LL - Dilema...what to do on a day off when the work days are so good?? I know - I am off to meet a friend and do some sunflower painting!

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