Art & Crafts for     Staff Welfare

  Is work hard?     Is it stressful?

  • Enjoying Arts and Crafts is a recognised way of relaxing and bringing balance to one's life.

  • If you are a boss, this might interest you.  Maybe you can suggest it to your boss?

  • Nobody needs to have an artistic ability - you'll see!!

  • By arrangement: 2 hour, half days, full days and weekend sessions.

  • Prices start at only £10 per head for the half day. 

  • Arrangements can be made to bring the art/craft to you in the work-place.

  • We aim to have you go home with something finished - participants will have something to take home.

During all sessions:

  • breaks for tea or coffee

  • facilitated mindfulness moments

  • guidance and coaching


Materials will be charged for separately as advised by the organiser, otherwise feel free to bring your own unless otherwise advised.


Call or visit for more information, to book or to get involved.